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Mario's Concrete Edging offers Monroe, Michigan an innovative approach to landscape edging that brings a high level of detail and beauty to your landscape. This is the most durable, cost effective and attractive edging you will find. No other edging can give such a clean and professional look.Our continuous concrete edging is made right at your home or business by mixing cement,sand,fiber mesh and water. The concrete is then extruded through our curb machine along with a galvanized cabel producing smooth graceful curves,straight a ways and round circles. Many colors are available to choose from that are added at time of mixing. Edging will have a strenght of 3,000 psi @ 30 days.We also offer a wide variety of patterns to choose from.


Mario's Concrete Edging
Monroe,Mi (734)243-3548

    • Continuous concrete curb
    • Many colors and patterns to choose from
    • Sucessful root barrier
    • Economical and durable
    • Most jobs completed in one day


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